2/06/2004 Add a comment

First I want to correct Will and say that it was Ian who first posted the Willie Williams stories.

On to more important news, at least according to the New York Times: Hip-hop fashion is growing up. First of all, I'm almost certain I read this identical article in the NYT just a few months ago. Rappers wearing suits is apparently a big deal to NYT style nerds. Come on, P.Diddy is 98% businessman, 2% "artist" (read: sampler of other people's music). Of course the man is going to wear a suit. He's been wearing suits for quite a while.

I particularly like the very end of the article about the rapper who thinks he's still keeping it real with baggy jeans and over-sized sweatshirts, as though the New York Times can mock him about missing the hip-hop fashion boat. ben