2/04/2004 Add a comment

An update on the Willie Williams story from Ian's earlier post. Williams visited the University of Florida over the weekend. His amusing report on the trip features quotable lines such as "I'm not the Crocodile Hunter, I don't touch reptiles" when offered alligator tails, and "It was a weird beauty pageant because there were some people talking about black history the whole time."

His summary of the trip conveniently leaves out that Williams reportedly got into an altercation at a Gainesville night club at 2:30 in the morning and repeatedly punched some guy in the face.

Today Williams signed with Miami, and the Miami Herald has an audio clip of his phone call to Miami Head Coach Larry Coker, which is only mildly entertaining, mostly for the fact that these coaches are absolutely salivating over him and you can hear their hooting and hollering when they found out that he'd be playing for them for free for at least the next three years (unless Maurice Clarett shakes up the NFL's eligibility rules). ben