2/05/2004 Add a comment

Those Willie Williams stories are hilarious. Thanks for finding those, Ben. I've been kinda holed up doing work, so I haven't been posting much lately. I did update my blog tonight, though, including a couple of reviews of shows everyone should be watching, A&E's Airline and UPN's America's Next Top Model.

Also, no one has mentioned a few of the elephants in the room. Janet Jackson? Not going to be at the Grammys it seems.

And the other elephant, er, donkey, is the 2004 primary campaign. In retrospect, I think Joe Lieberman should have gone with a G.I. Joe theme. "Real American Hero! Go Joe!" That would have won over the NASCAR dads.

Which brings me to one of my favorite parlor games: Which underrepresented group will be the first to field a president: a black, a Latino, a women, or a Jew? And how long will it take?

My answer: If Bush wins reelection, it's Hillary in `08. William