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People are jumping on the Grays bandwagon as the name for the new DC baseball team. Not that I started it, but Michael Wilbon continues with a compelling story why it shouldn't be called the Senators (summary: they were losers), and why it should be named the Grays (summary: honors Negro leagues, team was successful, encourages African-American fans in a predominantly African-American city).

A columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette carries the torch even further, quoting DC Mayor Tony Williams as saying "Give us two senators and I'll be happy to call it the Senators." Right on Tony! No team-naming without representation!

The PPG also links to something you can do to change things:
Sign the petition at rememberthegrays.org to support naming the new team the Washington Grays. I did! ben


  1. Blogger William: And Grays can be a symbolic easing of racial tensions in a city notorious for them. Just as races intermix over generations, Washingtonians of all colors can support a team whose name signifies a blending of colors. 10/04/2004  
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