10/04/2004 Add a comment

Britney Spears apparently feels like she has some explaining to do. She's writing a letter to her fan club, entitled "Letter of Truth: I Hope You Can Handle It," which will give her a chance to explain the shotgun wedding in Vegas, the cancellation of her tour for a knee injury that seemed to require a whole lot of Cheetoes as a form of physical therapy, the recent marriage to Kevin Federline (who honored his new bride by donning a sweatsuit that told the world that he was a "pimp"), and the parade of recent and hideous photographs of Britney barefoot in gas station bathrooms, wearing nasty cutoff shorts, and generally NOT looking like America's Sexiest Woman. Whoa.

And here's the kicker: she says that she's working so hard on the letter that she feels like she's at Harvard.

I've written before about Britney's impending meltdown. Will this be the final straw? Will the Letter of Truth announce her retirement from show business? Has she finally told her mom to get out of her life? Is she pregnant? Only the letter will tell. I, for one, can't wait.