9/02/2004 Add a comment

My favorite tales from the GOP convention involve the Bush daughters and their awkward steps into the spotlight. Turns out there were more reasons than just "letting them live a normal life" to keep them out of the press previously--they may not be the brightest or most gracious. After their horrendous performance on the convention stage on Tuesday (watch it here), the girls have been torn apart in the media. (Example: Weekly Standard editor William Kristol, a conservative, said on Fox News, "I respect Laura Bush and I'm sure the twins will grow up to be lovely women, but the last half-hour did not help, so far as I can tell, President Bush's campaign for reelection.") Maybe one of the biggest culprits in the twins' poor script was Karen Hughes, who allegedly wrote it, and a too-many-cooks vetting process.

Also, I love the mention that they were hosts of "R: The Party"--probably one of the week's few attempted-young-and-hip events--but retreated to a private room with their friends without any meet-and-greet. William