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I went searching for news accounts of the "Death in Gaza" documentary and found Phyllis Chesler's column "Race against Lies" in The Jewish Press, wherein Chesler argues that propaganda from both Western leftists and Arab/Palestinians makes for biased media coverage that consistently frames Palestinians as innocent victims of Israeli aggression. ("In my view, Israel is regrettably responsible for at approximately 5 percent of Palestinian suffering – but no more," she says.)

Of the film, she says:

On August 12, 2004, HBO will be airing James Miller's BBC/Channel 4 film, "Death in Gaza" (in Arabic and Hebrew), in which he interviewed Palestinian children only. Presumably, Miller was going to interview Israeli children too but he never did. Miller's widow, Sophy, has gone on record accusing the Israelis of purposely killing him on his last day of filming in Gaza; if this was indeed his last day then perhaps Miller did not plan to interview any Israeli children after all.

Miller never finished filming his documentary of Israeli and Palestinian children in Gaza because he was shot and killed by Israeli troops in Rafah.



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