8/20/2004 Add a comment

this game is pretty fun. Be sure to use a mouse instead of a touchpad though, it's much easier that way. Give it a try. My high score is 3300, and I'm just getting warmed up... ben


  1. Anonymous Anonymous: i can't get that game to work. the page appears for a second and then it gives me a "file not found" screen. :(

  2. Blogger William: 1705 so far, but it took me a while to get the timing right, and it's pretty difficult with the moving target. 8/23/2004  
  3. Blogger William: very next try, 3450. 8/23/2004  
  4. Blogger ben: duus, not sure what your problem was, the page is working for me fine.

    So fine I got a 4125. Boo-ya.