8/02/2004 Add a comment

There are so many things that are difficult to explain to children: the 9/11 attacks, where babies come from, and now this: the Red Sox trade of Nomar Garciaparra. It sounds like young Bostonians aren't too happy with the trade that bagged the Red Sox two gold-glove fielders in Doug Mientkiewicz and Orlando Cabrera in exchange for their beloved No-mah. Other Boston sports experts agree that this was a bad deal for the BoSox. Still other columnists argue that it was time for Nomar to go. Wife Mia Hamm says that the trade was for the best, whatever that means.

And one reaction that shouldn't surprise anyone: Bostonians quickly turn to Tom Brady and the Pats for their hero worship and relief.

For all the details from the Boston side of things, turn to the Globe's Special Section on the trade.

On the North Side of Chicago, there is much more unity in response to the deal. The trade "breathed life into the Cubs offense". Another columnist says that Cub fans should feel bad for fleecing Boston GM Theo Epstein and calls the trade the "ultimate no-brainer" from the Cubs side. The Cubs kept their top three minor league prospects and didn't lose any quality pitchers.

But is Nomar already the new Mr. Cub? Let's see him carry the Cubbies to the playoffs and then sign a long-term contract before we make a ruling. ben