8/06/2004 Add a comment

CNNSI posts their list of the Top 10 Most Embarrassing TV/Radio Interview Moments by athletes and coaches. A must read. My favorites are the Lee Elia tirade on Wrigley's bleacher bums, back when the cubs had horrible fan support (#4 on their list), the "playoffs?!?" meltdown of Jim Mora (#7) , and of course, the immortal exchange between Jim Rome and LA Rams QB Jim Everett where Rome insisted on calling him Chris Evert and Everett insisted on kicking Rome's ass (#2). I saw that one live somehow back in 1994 and it blew me away. What's your favorite? What did they leave off the list? ben


  1. Blogger William: Sorry I have been so remiss in posting. I've been very busy this week. I'll do better soon! In any case, there are a few things missing from this list. One, is the Mike Tyson "eat your children" interview. The other is Bobby Knight telling Jeremy Schaap that he isn't the journalist his father was.

    And on a personal note, there was the time Doug Collins chewed me out when I kept asking him about Michael Jordan and the next year (after Jordan had a season-ending knee injury) when he wanted to talk about the Wizards slim-to-none hopes of making the playoffs that year on the back of Kwame Brown, et al.