7/15/2004 Add a comment

Slate has a quiz to help you figure out whether you are a red stater or a blue stater. I was in the middle, but I attribute that to my worldly knowledge of both liberal and conservative culture thanks to my interest in politics and culture and my midwest roots. Oh, and I love, love, love the scantron. I hadn't seen a scantron sheet in years. William


  1. Blogger ben: Yep, I'm also in the middle. Knowing the "red" pop culture stuff (Dr. Laura, Jim Cazazazoo, Earnhardt), Midwest geography (the UP, Door County, Quad Cities), and guessing right on a couple of others (Rush's show length, Toby Keith) put me dead in the middle as well.

    I didn't know Avenue Q, didn't know the eighth commandment, and didn't know who wrote the book of revelations. So sue me.