7/13/2004 Add a comment

Debbie Clemens, wife of Roger, has a website--I got to it through a Slate article so it's not that great a find. However, I suggest taking a stroll through her site and learning about the four F's, Family, Fitness, Fashion, and Fun! Who among us hasn't wondered what snack bars are preferred by a real pro athlete's wife. And check the 'baseballs and butterflies' online store. Crappy stuff made valuable by...a Roger Clemens autograph! A perfect metaphor for the insulated life a professional athlete's wife. That's what's so ridiculous about the whole 'I did it, so can you!' fitness advice. Considering that she works on about one project a year, her mantra of 'balance' and 'goals' is insulting to the majority of women in this country who work *and* have families. Most people whose lives are so disconnected from everyday realities have the self-awareness not to self-indulge by offering 'advice' on the web. And don't get me started on the music or butterfly cursor. Up next, retirement planning tips from the Hilton sisters. Ian


  1. Blogger William: Nope, it's Debbie's added rhinestone flair that makes the hat worthwhile! And only $75! 7/13/2004  
  2. Blogger meghan: Here is another website of an MLB player's wife, Anna Benson of Chris Benson fame. www.annabenson.net

    I wonder what Chris Benson thinks of his wife's website. I feel kinda dirty just posting a comment about it.