7/13/2004 Add a comment

Fun fact that will only interest me:

The creator of NBC's "For Love or Money":

J.D. Roth, best known as the host of "Fun House", the game show from the late 80s.

Catch phrases that I can remember:

"Let's go into the FUN HOUSE!"

"Tiny, tell them what they've won!"

Glad to see J.D. has gone on to bigger and better things. But as for his sidekick Tiny, he's made the move, well, to behind the camera. Not as a director or anything, but to a clapper loader. What the heck is a clapper loader?

From IMDB: The person who operates the clapboard at the beginning of a shot, also responsible for loading film stock into film magazines. The action of slapping the clapper was invented as a way of synchronizing the visual and audio components of a shot. Recent innovations in audio-visual synchronization have made this unnecessary, but it still occurs extensively.

(my emphasis added). That's right, Tiny is now serving as an unnecessary assistant to TV movies. It's a sad day for all of us who remember him so fondly. Why isn't he coming up with crazy reality-t.v. premises? ben


  1. Blogger ben: I saw this on the t.v. at the gym, if anyone was wondering. It was on the t.v. next to the home run derby. Sammy choked. He whiffed on two pitches, proving that even in batting practice he has no discipline at the plate. 7/13/2004  
  2. Blogger William: This matters to me, too! (And I noticed this way back at the beginning of FLOM 1, by the way. I'm not ashamed to admit it.)

    Don't forget that the clapper-loader also loads the film canisters, hence the "loader" part.