3/07/2004 Add a comment

Imagine that you buy a new cell phone, but the number used to be Chris Rock's old number, and lots of his friends don't have his new number yet. So you field some wrong number calls from Adam Sandler, Spike Lee, Ken Burns, and assistants to Jerry Seinfeld and Jack Nicholson. Hilarity (or at least genuine amusement) ensues.

I bet some Hollywood-types are furiously pounding out screenplays for this premise as I speak. I'd cast Jason Biggs as the ordinary guy who got the cell phone, and Chris Rock as the guy whose number it used to be. And then maybe Biggs tries to ruin Chris Rock's career by pretending to turn down job offers, or throw in some mobsters or something who are looking for Chris Rock. It'd be a hit...trust me. Get me Charlie Kaufman! These things write themselves!

(link via metafilter) ben