3/05/2004 Add a comment

Enjoy "top 100" lists, but don't think they're chosen by true experts? If anyone knows anything about soccer, Pele does. He was required to make it a FIFA "living legends" list, so it seems very oriented to players from the 90s and today (I was pleased with myself for how many names I knew...but why no "Cap Anson" type legends lists?).

It's a top-125, as Pele said he could have chosen 100 great Brazilians alone, and about as international as you can get, but he goes way too heavy on the modern French players. Don't get me wrong, they're great, but Desailly, Deschamps, Thuram, and Vieira seems like a little much to me.

Also to include some younger less proven stars was surprising, Ballack, Owen, Ronaldinho, and most of all Saviola were all surprises to me. Throwing a bone to Japan (Nakata), South Korea (Myung-bo), and a number of other small countries was nice, but the U.S. only gets two female players, the only females on the list, Michelle Akers and Mia Hamm. Pele's list is diplomatic but it still feels like he's thumbing his nose at the U.S. men's players. Who do you think was left off or shouldn't have been included? Discuss! ben