4/03/2008 Add a comment

The New Kids on the Block are reuniting! Everyone get out your old issues of Tiger Beat (with fold-out posters of Jonathan Brandis or Scott Baio) to get autographed at their upcoming world tour.

Clearly, this isn't going to be some trip down memory lane: "'I had no interest going out on a nostalgia tour and singing the same material,' said Wahlberg, 38....But he added: 'We absolutely will do the old songs for sure.'" You can almost hear the tour promoter elbowing him the ribs...tell them you're gonna do "The Right Stuff"!

No reason to think these guys have fallen on hard times or anything and need the money: "Wahlberg has acted on television and in movies, while Jordan Knight, McIntyre and Wood released solo albums." That's pretty good for doing stuff in the last 14 years, releasing solo albums. But then there's this: "Jonathan Knight became a real estate developer." Ding! Ding! Ding! The subprime meltdown captures another victim...America's ears. ben