2/13/2008 Add a comment

Since you have all been clamoring noisily in the comments section for my favorite movies of the year, here's my ranked list of every 2007 release I have seen:

No Country for Old Men
There Will Be Blood
The Diving Bell and Butterfly
Darjeeling Limited
Into the Wild
Knocked Up
Kite Runner
American Gangster
Michael Clayton
The Namesake
Gone Baby Gone
I'm Not There
The Bourne Ultimatum
The Simpsons Movie
Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
Music & Lyrics
Blades of Glory
Ocean's Thirteen (saw on airplane, sucked)
Evan Almighty (also saw on airplane, also sucked)

The amazing thing is that beyond this list of 24, there are still at least 10 movies I'd like to see. This was a fantastic year for movies. In other years, a run-of-the-mill Hollywood highbrow movie like Michael Clayton might have been the best I saw all year.

Wow, we saw a lot of movies. What part of my ordering do you disagree with? And of the movies I haven't seen, what is the most glaring omission? My Oscar picks and predictions next week... ben


  1. Anonymous Anonymous: My 2007 movies:

    Knocked Up
    Hot Fuzz
    Darjeeling Limited
    Business of Being Born
    1st 20 min of 'I Am Legend' just for the CGI scenes of abandoned NYC
    Walk Hard
    Ocean's 13
    Blades of Glory

    I guess I only see comedies. And documentaries about health care. Other lessons, if Pam from The Office is a love interest, stay away. At the MOMA theater, I saw Airplane!, Run Lola Run and Night of the Living Dead, which would probably be top 5 if made in 2007, but that's not fair.
  2. Blogger ben: i guess i need to see Hot Fuzz, then. 2/20/2008