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How many tickets do you think you get for this virtuoso display of talent?


  1. Blogger William: This is not a big deal. When I was growing up, we had a pop-a-shot in the basement. 30 second round, 2 points in the first 20 seconds, 3 points in the last 10. If you got to 30 points in 30 seconds, you'd get a 15 second bonus round of 3-pointers. The first time my dad and I played head-to-head, we got something like 20 to 18. When we decided to try it solo, we found the bonus round after a few tries and got up to 40 points or so. But then after a few weeks we had the moment (like a caveman discovering the wheel) where we figured out how to maximize our shots by using a rapid-fire technique. First time got us up to about 60 points. By the time we maxed out our abilities, we'd topped 120. All I'm saying is that if you gave me a day (and limitless quarters), I could match that kid. 6/21/2007