6/08/2007 Add a comment

I can't decide on how many levels this picture is amusing:
Your assistance is appreciated in the comments. ben


  1. Anonymous Anonymous: Dis kitteh givez up.
    What are we looking at?
  2. Blogger William: yeah, help us out, Ben. I don't get it. 6/21/2007  
  3. Blogger ben: Are you serious? It's Carlos Zambrano, talking on his cell phone, wearing a suit, and wheeling what appears to be a Louis Vuitton suitcase across the INFIELD of a baseball stadium. Why is he walking across the field to get to the away team's clubhouse? Why is he wheeling his stuff in a $3000 suitcase instead of having them lugged around by some kid in his bat-bag? The wheels can't be working very well on the infield dirt.

    Also, this was just a day after he beat up his own catcher so badly that he went to the hospital. The Z-Man looks awfully dapper for a guy who kicked the crap out of his own teammate.