2/25/2007 Add a comment

by short people dunking. Simple as that. I want to see the best dunks, period. If you ask me, 'Nique got hosed in '86 against Spud Webb. Watch the highlights here. And then this year, Nate Robinson comes along and steals a spot in the finals from Dwight Howard. We missed out seeing these incredible dunks (see the second YouTube embed). For shame, celebrity judges, for shame.

I think they should have a special "under 6 feet" category, let them have a dunk-off on their own. Throwing in little guys adds the gimmick factor and throws everyone else off. ben


  1. Blogger William: I'm still pissed that Nate Robinson won last year over the Pride of Springfield, Ill., Andre Iguodala. 2/27/2007