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One of the more ridiculous commercials I've seen in a while, for Heineken:

Two Asian guys are "acting black" with their hats turned sideways and saying things like "Yeah Dog" and frantically gesturing or something. They're at the convenience store, getting 40s out of the refridgerated section, when a well-dressed black guy (wearing the new Jay-Z uniform of sportcoat and jeans) goes by them and takes out a six-pack of Heineken. He calmly says into his cell phone, "No, for real real." Then cut to a shot of clearly-mellowed Asian guys at the cash register, each carrying a six-pack of Heineken. One of them says into his cell phone, "For real real."

Why don't they go all the way and make Heineken's new slogan:
Black people are cooler than you, and black people drink Heineken
Apparently these Asian guys changed their entire personas when they saw how a "real" black person was behaving. This ad takes the cake for egregious racial stereotyping as far as I'm concerned. Let's see how long it takes for Slate's advertising reviewer to slice and dice it. ben


  1. Anonymous Anonymous: this commercial is hilarious and shows the "wanksta" asians so common in the suburbs in their reality. this is how they actually act. its hilarious. 8/25/2005  
  2. Blogger billsprestonesquire: hello,
    i am trying to find an mpeg or some kind of copy of this video. i am asian, own a bar in san francisco, don't listen to hip hop, don't drink heineken (or any beer for that matter. it's the hard shit for me), and do not think this commercial is funny is at all. i think it is degrading to both the asian and african american community. they are not only saying that asians have no identity and need to look to african americans to find what's cool, they are also saying that all african americans must be entertainers e.g rappers, sports players, comedians just as all asians are martial arts superstars, nerds, or super-hot chicks like lucy liu. if you find a link to this commercial send it my way please. if we plan on surviving in this world together we must get educated.
  3. Blogger Serge: Here is the link to this commercial: