6/17/2005 Add a comment

Great Slate column on Robert Horry's undeserved reputation as "Big Shot Rob". He's missed over 400 three-pointers in the playoffs! His career numbers are horribly mediocre! He's missed threes that could have decided games! Nonetheless he has acquired quite a following as a clutch shooter.

But what still confuses me is the nickname. Is it Big Shot Rob or Big Shot Bob? Looks like based on the most google hits that the Rob's have it, which was what I would have said myself. ben


  1. Blogger ben: Yes, yes, "Big Shot Bobby" as Timmy Duncan calls him had a HUGE game last night, making me quite the idiot for posting this. I apologize. 6/20/2005  
  2. Blogger Jerome C. Austriaco: I haven't heard "Bob" until this year. So I've gone with "Rob." Plus, "Big Shot Bob" sounds a lot cornier. 6/20/2005