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Mike Greenwell wants his 1988 AL MVP that he lost to a "juiced" Jose Canseco. Hitting .325 with 22 homers and 119 RBIs in that era seems like a legitimate case, but how do we know that Greeny wasn't on anything either? Not that he ever looked it or his power numbers reflected it. Though I would argue that 17 years is a bit late. Stick to selling real estate, Greenwell.

Just a guess, but this is going to open the floodgates...Piazza over admittedly juiced Caminiti, Frank Thomas over "I'm sorry" Giambi, lots of home run crowns and MVP awards to dispute. Do we have to go back to Roger Maris to find our asterisk-free home run champ? I say yes. ben


  1. Blogger William: Maybe Greeny used . 2/17/2005  
  2. Blogger William: It's supposed to say "Maybe Greeny used Greenies," but blogger is acting up. The link is on the period. (Or "full stop" as the Brits say... which is really weird when they say something like, "And that's it, full-stop!" when they mean to say "And that's it, period!" 2/17/2005