2/10/2005 Add a comment

Marissa & Alex

Thank god it will be over soon. Femmes Marissa and Alex will finally make it to first base tonight on The OC. (Hey, it's a good show. Don't look at me like that.) The show has been hyping the snail-paced Marissa-Alex relationship for the last three weeks, and it's getting on my nerves that things have dragged on so slowly. And this is definitely not because I want to see Mischa Barton hooking up with Olivia Wilde, which will undoubtedly be a disappointment, thrill-wise. Instead, it's annoying because the lesbian-kiss plotline has been so overdone in recent years. Thank you, Virginia Hefferman, for writing about this today.

You know, a lesbian kiss just isn't that big a deal anymore (e.g., former Next Karate Kid actress Hilary Swank won an Oscar for a role that had her playing a cross-dressing lesbian in Boys Don't Cry all the way back in the 1990s.), unless you're a member of the Parents Television Council, which gives the OC a red light. Or, perhaps, the FCC, but there wasn't any physical action on "Postcards from Buster," although maybe we'll never know. The NYT followed up with a story about the child whose family was featured in the PBS series.