1/21/2005 Add a comment

You may never have heard of him (which is indicative of what happened to his basketball career), but Steve Dixson is the greatest basketball player I've ever played with or against, and this includes Tyron Lee (Mizzou), Jeff Walker (Iowa, before getting kicked out), Sergio McClain (Illinois), and Marcus Griffin (Illinois). (Because of timing and the decline in my own Central IL HS basketball career, I missed the chance to play against Frank Williams, of Illinois and now with the Bulls, Brian Cook, of Illinois and now with the Lakers, and Andre Iguodala, of Arizona and now with the 76ers.)

In any case, it's worth noting that Steve Dixson stood shoulder-to-shoulder against these guys. He was silky-smooth and had a knack for finding both the ball and the basket. As a person, he was always a little shy, if friendly, but sometimes had a mischevious smile on his face. I think that smile, or what was behind it, is what cost him his career. William