9/09/2004 Add a comment

Miami Herald columnist and bestselling author Carl Hiaasen has a pitch-perfect take on those TV reporters who go out to the middle of the hurricane to report the big story.

For example:

Fallen-tree video is absolutely essential to hurricane broadcasts. The most sought-after footage is, in order of ratings:

1. Big tree on strip mall.
2. Big tree on house.
3. Big tree on car.
4. Small tree on car.
5. Assorted shrubbery on car.

And more of the piece is like this. A very clever read. William


  1. Blogger ben: My favorite thing to look for is if the correspondent is African-american, or another minority. It's fun to try to figure out why this particular person was shipped to the middle of a hurricane, making them the absolute bottom of the totem pole at the office. More often than not, it seems like it's a black guy out in the storms in Chicago. Detroit as well, where most of the anchors are white. 9/09/2004