9/29/2004 Add a comment

Happy birthday to Chocolate and Zucchini! No, not the foods--the blog. For those of you who pay no attention to the food blog scene (and yes, there is such a thing!), Chocolate and Zuccini is a darling food blog written by Clotilde, a Frenchwoman who writes in English, takes terrific digital photos, and has a knack for inventing lovely recipes and even more lovely phrases to describe them. Plus, C&Z gives you insight into what it's like to be French with food--shopping at local markets, oohing and aahing over local ingredients, going out to restaurants, and, of course, cooking for your friends and lovers (ooh la la, tres French!). Happy First Birthday, baby blog!


  1. Blogger William: Has she invented a recipe for chocolate and zucchini? I'd like to see that. 9/29/2004  
  2. Blogger Gretchen: Yeah, I think she has a chocolate-zucchini cake! But I'm sure it can't beat my chocolate-pumpkin cupcakes... 9/29/2004