6/23/2004 Add a comment

Will is on assignment in Turkey, so I'm doing his posts for him today. Looks like he's been reading the Post. Links are his, words are mine:

1) Let the backtracking and foot-in-mouthing begin as the press realizes that a handful of representatives and senators attended a bizarre reception for The Rev. Sun Myung Moon, who considers himself the Messiah, on Capitol Hill in March. Danny Davis, Mark Dayton, and many others went for reasons that are still unclear. Some say the reception was intended to honor others. Republican attendees argue they went to support the Washington Times, being ridiculously ignorant not to know that Rev. Moon owns the Times and would say all kinds of crazy stuff. Either way, this is not good press if you're elected representative was in attendance.

2) Things have gotten ugly in Republican Senate nominee Jack Ryan's campaign after allegations have surfaced accusing him of asking her to perform sexual acts in front of other people. Let's just say that this isn't going to play in Peoria. Dem. Barack Obama has opened up a 20 point lead, and that was BEFORE this news came out. Stick a big fork in Ryan's campaign.

3) The "Sweatshirt Capital of the World," Martinsville, Virginia, lost their minor league baseball team this year. And things ain't what they used to be in southwestern Va. It's gotten so bad there that NASCAR is likely going to remove Martinsville from their racing schedule next year. What are the good citizens going to do about it? Blame NAFTA. ben