2/20/2004 Add a comment

A truly weak column by CNNSI columnist Tim Layden on the fallout from the Willie Williams' recruiting diaries and the Colorado strippergate. He suggests an overhaul of the college football recruiting process by 1) making the athlete contact the University first, and then be "approved" as a suitable candidate for admission by the admissions office. and 2) on recruiting visits, have the recruits stay with students instead of athletes.

How are either of things going to make a real difference? Doesn't Layden get it that it's a dominant strategy for programs to ignore these two meaningless reforms and just keep doing with they're doing? Oh, it's all well and good to say "please do away with the strippers and prostitutes." I've said it for years, college football and basketball should become semi-pro and these athletes should be paid for their services. Especially with college basketball players leaving midseason for lucrative international contracts. Haven't we reached a crisis point yet where the NCAA needs to change? ben