2/14/2004 Add a comment

The highs and lows of the baskeball world in this weekend's NYT magazine:

Of course I don't approve of the Maloof brothers' original source of income (their dad was a Coors distributor, and I've been boycotting Coors for their extreme political views), but they seem to have the business world under their thumb. Aside from owning the Palms Casino in Vegas (which features a penthouse designed especially for MTV's The Real World), they also own the Sacramento Kings. In my opinion, they've got professional sports franchise ownership figured out. Let the GM evaluate talent, let the coach coach, and pay your players well with nice practice facilities.

On the flipside, the Times profiles Stephon Marbury's NYC high school teammates who never made a career of basketball. So many kids waste their time dreaming of the NBA. But how many good basketball players can't make a living doing it? Most of them. But how many unemployed MDs and JDs are out there? It's the dream of a $100 million contract like Marbury's that keeps kids wasting their high school education on basketball. Great to see someone digging into the world of broken hoop dreams in the same vein as the superb documentary of the same name. ben