12/28/2007 Add a comment

From CNN, A.O. Scott and Manohla Dargis of the Times. It's worth noting that the year's top grossing films are more often showing up in the "worst of 2007" lists than the best. Wild Hogs was #10 for the year and made $168 million! Now we know why crap like that gets made in the first place. People shell out to hear Martin Lawrence say "Daaaaaaaammmmmn!", and awkward sexual innuendo between John Travola and William H. Macy, apparently.

Of course, many of the "best" movies are being released late in the year, so we won't know for sure where they rank on this list, but looking at last year's box office take, The Departed finished 15th, Dreamgirls 19th, Little Miss Sunshine 51st, Babel 91st, Letters from Iwo Jima 138th, and the Last King of Scotland 124th. ben