12/13/2007 Add a comment

The Mitchell Report is out, and here is the list of players named in it (courtesy of Deadspin). They don't have the BALCO section listed in this link, but that crowd is named as well.

As best I can tell, no mention of Sosa, McGwire, Bagwell, Derek Bell, or Brady Anderson, who would have been my first guesses as to names that would show up. I think we have to keep in mind that all these names are coming from basically two sources, BALCO and the Radomski ring and the lab that was linked to it. I'm sure there were other sources that were used which they haven't uncovered yet.

Nonetheless, this story about Roger Clemens using is a doozy, and should make all Red Sox fans happy...they were right to consider him washed up when he left for the Blue Jays. ben