10/03/2007 Add a comment

Many must-watch videos that I simply haven't gotten to:

The latest SNL skit, I, ran. Underrated...funnier on the second watch. It's not going to take off like the others, but it's better written in some ways.

When you think about it, Bob Dylan really has written every song.

Proof that Dick Cheney is pure evil. That is damn depressing.


Finally, this guy is going to be a hit on American Idol. I can feel it. ben


  1. Blogger Lucas Southworth: Don't tell anyone, but that Appalachian State song was a cover of a song of Sufjan Steven's forthcoming album, "North Carolina." It's actually exactly the same except Stevens sings lead vocals. 10/04/2007  
  2. Blogger William: Agreed on "I Ran" -- definitely a new level for the Lonely Island guys. And that Dylan piece cracked me up. 10/05/2007