9/04/2007 Add a comment

back from NYC and the US Open...we saw some great tennis, including the first three sets of the Djokovic thriller. But we left that match to get out of the sun and closer to the action. We saw Carlos Moya up close and were particularly impressed by his Popeye arm. His right arm, and particularly right shoulder, are about twice as big as his left. I can't find a picture online to do it justice, but here's one:

It's reminiscent of the most famous Popeye arm of all time, Guillermo Vilas:

Supposedly Rod Laver had this as well, but I can't find any decent photos of it. I think it was more unavoidable when you're swinging a heavy wooden racket, but couldn't Carlos even them out a bit with some cross-training? The tribal armband tattoo only adds to the effect. ben