9/25/2007 Add a comment

For all of the hype about child labor law violations, stove burns, and bleach-drinking, Kid Nation wasn't terrible. It was manipulative. (Hey kids, wouldn't it be a great idea to divide into four teams?) It was hokey. It alternated between endearing and annoying. But there was something engaging about seeing the range of maturity between ages 8 and 15, about the two older troublemakers realizing that, hey, waitaminute, you mean I could win $20,000? The abundance of candy and soda already wears on one's patience, but for a kid-based reality show, they can't break out the alcohol to help move the plot along, so perhaps sugar is the producers' next best weapon. I'm sure I will regret watching, but not as much as I'd regret not watching. Don't you hate it when that happens?

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