9/21/2007 Add a comment

As I watch new fall shows, I'll try to provide 3-minute capsule reviews. Many of these will be on DVR delay.

Last night, I watched "Back to You," Fox's new traditional-format (3-camera, laugh track) sitcom with Kelsey Grammar and Patricia Heaton last night. Stinks. It's exactly like you would expect "Frasier on Fox" to look like. Telegraphed jokes, bright colors, and a cheap rip-off of the great movie Broadcast News, with sexual tension between the anchors. The twist here is that Grammar and Heaton (no need to remember character names) shared a one-night stand in Pittsburgh before Grammar headed off to greener pastures 10 years ago. He got fired in L.A. after a YouTube clip caught him using foul language to refer to the weather girl. Now, back in Pittsburgh again, he's discovers Heaton has a 10-year-old. And it's his. Fade to black, "Frasier"-style.

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