7/11/2007 Add a comment

these aren't new, but they were sitting in my RSS feed for a while and I finally got around to watching them:

1. Stephon Marbury in a truly inexplicable interview. Be sure to watch all 9 minutes. It goes from him not knowing what a "dime" is (it's an assist, he's a "point guard"), having his cell phone ring and checking his phone, talking about kissing his sister, and ends with him saying "I want to see the spit in your mouth." I have no idea what that means, but it's the perfect ending.

2. A "too inappropriate for tv" Rolling Rock commercial. Perfectly safe for work. Seems appropriate enough for me. But maybe that's because I'm wearing my cup right now.

3. A poor journalist has to cover the re-opening of Wembley Stadium in London. His report doesn't go very well.

(I found these on deadspin and withleather) ben