7/18/2007 Add a comment

The NYT has an article on the eternal debate: to throw it back or not to throw it back? Fans at Wrigley always throw back home run balls hit by opposing players, but the guys on the streets behind the stadium (Waveland, Sheffield), referenced here as "ballhawks," keep them as souvenirs or try to sell them.

Me? If I were in the bleachers and caught number 756, I'd throw it back. Seriously. I've never caught a home run ball out there, but I'd do it without a second thought. No fake ball in the pocket to throw back, either. My identity as a Cubs fan is more valuable to me than the money I'd make from selling it. ben


  1. Blogger William: Wait till you have a mortgage. Then you might rethink things. 7/18/2007  
  2. Blogger Lucas Southworth: You should probably keep the ball and sell it. That way you'll at least get something out of being a Cubs fan. 7/18/2007  
  3. Blogger Lucas Southworth: I apologize for that last comment. It was made out of jealousy. 7/20/2007  
  4. Blogger ben: i'm confused, are you jealous of me catching the home run ball? 7/24/2007  
  5. Blogger Lucas Southworth: No, I'm jealous that your Chicago team is winning. 7/24/2007