7/23/2007 Add a comment

With the movie coming out on Friday, everyone seems to be remembering that the Simpsons used to be funny. I'm not sure why they ever forgot, as you can watch two or three episodes a day in syndication. But either way, the hype machine revs up for the film version that's 14 years too late.

Vanity Fair has an in-depth feature, including an interview with Conan O'Brien and a top 10 episodes list. The Trib does their poetic waxing alphabet-style, while Cracked highlights some of the phrases and words that the Simpsons has added to our pop-culture lexicon. And apparently the whole week is dedicated to the Simpsons over at the AV Club, which starts with a list of 15 Simpsons Moments That Perfectly Captured Their Eras. More to come, I'm sure... ben