7/24/2007 Add a comment

These are dark days for professional sports. First, there's Tim Donaghy, the NBA ref who is accused of gambling on games in which he was the referee. These federal probes are almost never handed down unless the person is 99% guilty, and all the evidence seems to suggest that this guy is a total jerk and mixed up with the mob, among other things. Unless he goes into witness protection soon and names names, I don't like his chances of survival, let alone staying out of prison. Here's a link to Deadspin's live-blog of David Stern's press conference today.

Then we have Mike Vick, who will never play professional football again thanks to the dogfighting charges. Similar to Donaghy, he could try to plea-bargain his way out, but I don't think it will matter enough for the league to accept him back. Others agree. Sorry, Falcons fans, you're looking at Joey Harrington as your starting QB come September.

Next there's Barry Bonds, who will break Hank Aaron's record later this week. It seems like a lot of people are resigned to accept the record as legit and let bygones be bygones. At the same time, lots of people, myself included, are trying to ignore it and pretend it's not happening. I'm sure that Barry's ex-mistress's upcoming playboy interview and pictorial will rile up a lot of people again.

Now we find out pre-race favorite Alexandre Vinokourov failed a blood-doping test, and his team pulled out of the Tour de France. With all the rampant drug use there, the Tour has become not worth watching. You don't know if half the riders you're watching are going to be kicked out the next day.

Gary Player even claimed last week that there was steroid use in golf!

What's left? Hockey, tennis, and competitive eating, I suppose. I guess I picked the right month to stop watching ESPN...and the wrong week to stop sniffing glue. I couldn't take any more of their "Who's Now" bullcrap. I'm doing my best to get my sports news elsewhere (Deadspin, CNNSI), and I've been watching the Today show in the morning, just like I used to before I had cable. The only thing that's the same is Al Roker. That guy is like a rock, only with folds of excess skin. ben