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We here at SnapCulture are pretty damn psyched about this NBA Draft. First, there's the controversy over who's number 1...Oden or Durant. I strongly think that Durant will be the better player over his career. Some of Oden's health issues are concerns, and who knows how good Oden can be when healthy, no one's seen it. Durant, on the other hand, was absolutely dominant in his Freshman year at Texas, scoring over 20 points thirty times. That said, a lot of the Oden-bashing is ridiculous, and Portland could be really good next year if they can find a way to keep Zach Randolph happy.

But the big question to me (and Will) is what the Bulls are going to do with that #9 pick. Take Joakim Noah? Yi Jianlian? Trade it for KG/Marion/Kobe/Randolph? Personally, I think that John Paxson perceives himself to be a far better evaluator of young talent than all the other GMs, so I think he sits pat and drafts Noah, who slips to them.

NBADraft.net has the Bulls taking Julian Wright, from Kansas. Chad Ford/Bill Simmons take Noah at #9, a scenario I like. Ford (by himself) has the Bulls taking Spencer Hawes, the big white dude from Washington.Chris Ekstrand from SI sees the Bulls taking Yi. No one can agree on this...so what do you think, commenters? ben


  1. Blogger William: When you consider that Noah was talked about as a #1 when people thought he might come out last year, getting him at #9 could be good. He also is a pretty mature player who does a lot of little things, though I sort of see him as a baby Ben Wallace who will never be a big scorer. Though he will be better at getting garbage baskets rather than just kicking the ball back out.

    Oden vs. Durant.... Oden is either Dwight Howard or Olowakandi. It all comes down to how much of a risk you want to take.
  2. Blogger ben: Well, I nailed it, didn't I? Not that it was that hard of a guess, but I didn't think Noah would fall to #9. That said, the kid can't shoot. The Bulls need scorers! 7/02/2007