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An excellent article on the women's basketball league in Russia, where crazy oligarchs are paying players like Sue Bird and my good friend* Diana Taurasi half a million dollars a year to play there. It's incredible that the owners are willing to pay so much, and to not charge admission, when the WNBA pays the players peanuts.

Some great quotes, including:
"What is the difference between Barbra Streisand, Madonna and Diana Taurasi?"

"I'd say, 'This is face cream, right?'" Bird recalled. "And she'd say, 'No, it's hemorrhoid ointment.'"

"I don't know anyone in Rome. I'm on an Italian passport, but send me to Los Angeles. Shabtai had to call the minister of passports or something, and he got it taken care of."

Also, look at the guy in the background of the 4th picture. He looks like he should be on ice skates.

*I'm not sure if I've told the story in this space or not, but by "good friend", I mean I sat next to her on a flight from JFK to DTW and chatted with her, and she let me hold her recently acquired gold medal. ben


  1. Blogger William: I think we should refer to as "friend of the blog" like Colbert does. 5/16/2007