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Time for a long post. It's like a live-blog, only sloppier:

-I think Greg Oden has been reading the internets. Clearly someone lit a fire under his ass for tonight's game to show his stuff. He knows that even if his team loses (and I'm guessing they will), he's playing for the #1 pick in the draft.

-Am I the only one who thinks that the Gatorade ad with Kevin Garnett as the "milkman" is mildly racist? KG, the only black athlete, serving Gatorade to white athletes? Alright, so Kareem is on there, but still, the racial undertones of the image of the black guy in the milkman uniform is hard to dismiss. It reminds me of a classic Dave Chappelle skit, which will go unnamed.

-There is no reason Billy Donovan should stay at Florida if they win. He'll cement his legacy there with back-to-back wins and then begin something new at Kentucky, get paid more, be in a more prominent position to recruit, and make out like a bandit. Of course we'd all like coaches to stay in the same place forever, but that's not how the finances work; to get big pay increases you have to switch schools.

-Halftime, so I'm surfing the web: The Cubs are on pace for 1296 singles this season. And lots of losses.

-Ohio State is already down big, and unless they start hitting 3's, they're toast. 2/14 from the three point line isn't going to cut it.

-Even having Method Man on CSI isn't going to convince me to watch any show on CBS. But that might be the closest I'll ever get. Now Dick Enberg is doing a feature on "hands." Oh, my! What a waste of time!

-We're back: Oden isn't playing any help defense, which is good for avoiding cheap fouls but bad for stopping Florida's inside players from scoring. And he's looking unstoppable on offense.

-While I'm at it, here are other commercials I consider racist:
1) The Cisco kid, who shucks and jives while the world watches on their speedy internet connections
2) "This is Our Country" Chevy ads, which, if you listen closely, are highly xenophobic. As in, this is OUR country, not you damn foreigners'.

-Florida is still up 11 with only 8 minutes to go, which means this one is over unless OSU can make a run right now...and Conley comes up with a steal.

-OSU continues to miss three's. I might as well turn off the t.v. at this point. I'm not even going to bother staying up to watch "One Shining Moment." ben


  1. Blogger Lucas Southworth: This whole post reeks highly of the pot. 4/05/2007