12/09/2006 Add a comment

At SnapCulture, we're all regular readers of the Sports Guy. When I read this in yesterday's column, I didn't think much of it:
What about seven Bengals players getting arrested out of 53? That's 13 percent of the team! Imagine if 13 percent of your office or classroom had been arrested in the past few months? Can they get to 10 before the end of the season? You figure with holiday parties coming, that's good for one DUI. And the holidays bring visitors and family members, which usually brings trouble, so that's good for some sort of incident at a party or a club. So we only need one more wild-card arrest -- something harmless like speeding and attempting to evade an officer, or shoplifting a Christmas present of something -- and then we'll be at 10. Now that would be something. Ten Bengals arrested in one year? We'll be telling our grandkids about that one. Keep your fingers crossed.
And then this morning we see that the 8th Cincinnati Bengal was arrested for DUI, Pro Bowler Deltha O'Neal. Amazingly prescient commentary by Simmons. He should win a prize or something. ben