12/20/2006 Add a comment

The latest SNL digital video from the Lonely Island boys is one for the ages (and not safe for work): here is the (still inappropriate for work) edited version, and here is the uncensored version.

These guys are amazing. I've blogged about them before, making the leap from internet celebrities to the hallowed halls of Saturday Night Live. I think they're on to something great and different, but the quality of their stuff is uneven. They're doing basically one truly brilliant video per year. See last year, and the year before.

They also just finished their own movie, Hot Rod. I have no idea if it'll be widely released or not, but I expect it to be, like all of their work, uneven with flashes of brilliance.

Also, if you missed it, this recent skit they wrote for SNL with Ludacris is hilarious. ben