snap culture: November 2006

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11/29/2006 Add a comment

This "mash-up" of old Seinfeld epsiodes on the "Kramer" incident by National Lampoon is truly impressive. They painstakingly found all 4 black people ever to appear on Seinfeld, which must have taken a ton of time going through the DVDs. Note that the "N" word in Michael Richards' rant isn't edited out, for those of you with sensitive ears (or watching at work). ben


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Probably the only worthwhile highlight from the Knicks' season: Little Nate Robinson stuffs Yao Ming. You have to see it to believe it. Boy, the Knicks will be good next year with Greg Oden in the paint, doing the shotblocking instead of their tiny point guard.

Oh, wait...heh heh heh...that pick is going to the Bulls. Sorry Ben Chan. ben


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During FOX's telecast of the Cowboys/Buccaneers Thanksgiving Day game:

Set to James Taylor's Your Smiling Face, it was a sequence of shots of Cowboys QB Tony Romo, who was smiling. Just the most awkward thing I have ever seen during a sporting event. Joe Buck actually started singing along at some point! Beyond words. A YouTube search turned up nothing, but someone has to have the clip of this. ben


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Cubs sign Alfonso Soriano. Well, I guess you take what you can get when your team doesn't win a World Series. William


  1. Blogger ben: yes, i think they overpaid for him and i'm worried about no-trade clauses, etc., but the cubs are looking like they are willing to open the pocketbooks and make a run at the NL Central, which is exciting.

    And of course I should extend a congratulations to your boy Poo-Holes and the Cardinals, who destroyed an inept Tigers team which had 5 errors from the pitchers alone. well done.

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The always-funny Teddy Wayne gets an op-ed in the New York Times. Proof that the alternative humor circuit can get you noticed. Here's a link to his earlier McSweeney's material. He's also had some stuff published in Frickin' Time Magazine of all places. And finally, if I haven't given you enough information about this writer I don't even know, here's his homepage. ben


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Dan Kois is clearly an R.E.M. fan, and even indicates that you must choose between the two. While I slightly prefer U2's music on a broad scale (I like, perhaps, more U2 songs in aggregate than I do R.E.M. songs, and I think Achtung Baby is perhaps the best album of the 80s-90s, and "One" possibly the best song of those two decades.), I don't think they are mutually exclusive. R.E.M. has its roots in the Velvet Undeground, my all-time favorite, and there is a place for R.E.M.'s music alongside U2's on the shelves of many in our generation. William


  1. Anonymous Anonymous: Yuck! I revulse at the thought of both. And I can easily name many many better tunes than One. Disney's Be Our Guest for one, and Ellipsis' Dear Dad, for another. -vinny 11/09/2006  

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the onion never fails to deliver: Frito-Lay Angrily Introduces Line Of Healthy Snacks. ben


  1. Blogger William: I would eat something called "Eggplant Ecstasy." 11/08/2006  

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Britney Spears files for divorce. It certainly lasted longer than I would have thought initially. Way to hang on, K-Fed, in order to have babies #3 and #4. William


  1. Blogger meghan: This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. 11/07/2006  
  2. Blogger ben: this is actually brilliant on her part, from the "announce bad news when no one's looking" theory of media relations. announcing your divorce on election day is perfect if you don't want everyone dwelling on how social services is just another drop or drive away from taking those poor kids away. 11/07/2006  

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The Washington Post's The Fix blog lists them, and my favorite is the Jon Tester ad. Simple, effective, and positive. Why can't more be like that? William


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(Thanks John!) ben


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and i'll say it again: if Evil Dead, The Musical can make it on (or slightly off) Broadway, then my idea for the musical set to the music of James Brown is guaranteed millions.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Evil Dead series, they are some of the funniest "horror" movies ever made, with deadpan jokes and plenty of sarcasm throughout. The third one in particular, Army of Darkness, is hilarious. Add it to your Netflix queue. ben