snap culture: October 2006

  1. Bob Barker Retiring After 50 Years on TV William, 10/31/2006 1 comments
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  6. I have 11 babies — somebody thought I was cute ben, 10/18/2006 0 comments
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  8. Goodwill Hunting William, 10/16/2006 0 comments
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  11. R.I.P. R.W. "Johnny" Apple William, 10/04/2006 0 comments

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Say it ain't so! Who will keep staying-home-from-school-sick kids company during the weekdays? Who will explain with breezy ease the intricacies of Plinko? William


  1. Blogger ben: I anticipate a dramatic increase in the cat and dog populations. 11/01/2006  

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Cheat to win

For sale at the Onion store.



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My beloved Pete Sampras Air Oscillates. All is right in the world again. ben


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There are few things sadder than articles about retired boxers, guys who took numerous beatings to the head and now have nothing to show for it, swindled out of millions by botched investment deals, unscrupulous promoters, and their own hubris.

The Times profiles Joe Frazier, and apparently Mike Tyson is endorsing political candidates in Maryland, and that isn't helping anyone.

The quote in the title is Smokin' Joe's response to Ali, who always said he was ugly. As he puts it, “Ali kept calling me ugly, but I never thought of myself as being any uglier than him.” ben


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Alright, alright, so my dream ticket will never come true. But damn there are a lot of places online selling that t-shirt.

From New York Magazine, a great cover story on the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Col-bear. ben


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The latest in cause celeb news has Nicole Kidman becoming U.N. goodwill ambassador to Kosovo and Madonna trying to adopt a child from Malawi, but facing opposition. Celebs must be asking themselves, What Would Angelina Do? (A great T-shirt idea, by the way, if it isn't already out there.) William


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Uh, what the heck is Kelefa Sanneh talking about in this NYTimes review of Diddy's new album? He says Diddy is an "nth-rate rapper but a first-rate hustler," and he describes it as a "garish, puzzling album."

So then, how do we jump to the conclusion that "if Diddy has stuck around, it’s because the genre needs him"?

What? What has anyone who enjoys hip-hop "needed" about Diddy? The constant grandstanding? The complete lack of talent? Even wikipedia notes that he has "watered-down" hip-hop by sampling famous songs with mediocre rapping accompaniment. And from the list of incidents, you'd think he'd be in jail. But instead he's one of the wealthiest men in the music industry.

So why, exactly does the genre need Diddy? Anyone? Does hip-hop need "first-rate hustlers"? ben


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This article is pure genius from the Onion:

Retired S1Ws Recalled To Active Duty.

If you're at all familiar with Public Enemy, you should catch about 50 different references in there. I'll get you started: "911 is a joke," and "don't believe the hype." ben


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One of the true legends in journalism is no longer living. His writing on food, politics, culture, and travel are among the best, and one of the best models for a "writer's life." William