7/25/2006 Add a comment

I was just thinking about this: The decline of baseball cards. William


  1. Blogger ben: Looks like ESPN is getting all weepy over baseball cards too. i wish i could remember what card i got hosed on when i traded nate my '86 topps eric davis card. 7/25/2006  
  2. Blogger William: Except that an `86 Topps Eric Davis card is probably worthless by now. Unless you or he cashed out when you made the trade, it's just like watching the stock market crash. 7/28/2006  
  3. Blogger ben: all those cards that we had are worthless now. The bottom completely fell out of the market. Most of the sets from the mid-80s are worth less than 20 bucks, and I know I spent more than that every summer buying cards. 7/28/2006