7/03/2006 Add a comment

No, not our Independence Day. The Onion is celebrating their 10-year online anniversary with the top stories from each year. Check in every day for the next 10 days for their greatest hits.

Today they started with 1996. I'm amazed that I remember reading most of these. My favorites include:
"Christ Returns to NBA," with the classic line, "Kevin Willis, why hast thou forsaken me?"

"It's not a Crack House, It's a Crack Home"

"Frito-Lay Targets Blacks With New Menthol Doritos"

"'Midwest' Discovered Between East, West Coasts"

And of course,
"Vatican Condemns Wack MCs" ben


  1. Anonymous Anonymous: Wow... 1997 is good too. I clearly recall Smoove B (someone had posted them all over Mertz). More evidence that the truth is funny (?): "Thousands die in Indonesia again". 7/04/2006