snap culture: June 2006

  1. Beware! William, 6/30/2006 0 comments
  2. I was rubbed by two men. I mean, robbed. William, 6/22/2006 1 comments
  3. Happy Birthday William, 6/22/2006 0 comments
  4. Tennis anyone? William, 6/16/2006 2 comments
  5. If you only read one article this week ben, 6/05/2006 0 comments
  6. Jeffrey Maier, Oriole pariah becomes Oriole saviour? William, 6/02/2006 0 comments
  7. The Evolution of Dance William, 6/01/2006 0 comments

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This is absolutely hilarious. Some sort of Japanese learn-English-so-you-can-travel show. But aerobics is certainly an unusual learning aid. The British cop is also funny, and I don't know what's up with that guy's "mask." William


  1. Blogger ben: phrases you will likely never say cheerily while doing aerobics:

    1)take anything you want

    2)spare me my life

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to Slate, which is celebrating 10 years with a lot of anniversary content and great old stories. Read especially Jacob Weisberg's piece on how George Bush chose stupidity. William


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This time-waster is great. Thanks to Barbara for pointing it out. And Ben, if I'm late on this zeitgeist, let me know. Or shove it. Either one. William


  1. Blogger William: 46 is my current high! 6/17/2006  
  2. Blogger ben: i'm at 91. and no, i hadn't seen this. 6/19/2006  

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This is it:

Was The 2004 Election Stolen?, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., in Rolling Stone.

Read it carefully, check over the facts and citations, and I think you'll agree that this case wouldn't even make it to trial in a real court of law.

Is the media going to cover this revelation at all, that hundreds of pieces of evidence add up to a compelling and detailed damnation of our electoral process? The facts should speak for themselves, let's hope that the media, which did so much to bury this story, will give them a voice.

(Thanks for the link, John!) ben


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In what could be a very interesting development, Jeffrey Maier, who as a 10-year-old in 1996 robbed the Baltimore Orioles of a chancen to advance in the playoffs when he leaned over Yankee Stadium's right-field wall and hauled in a Yankee-hit ball for a homerun, has become a star college player and the Orioles are thinking about drafting him. William


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I'm probably late on this, but you have to be sure to see it. William